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Air Freedom, where Power plus Attitude equals Performance!

Air Freedom's Boeing Stearman Classic Flight Poster.

What do we offer?

Air Freedom, located 17 miles from the historic town of Oxford, offers you a unique and breath-taking opportunity to experience the flight of a lifetime in a beautifully restored 1941 US Navy Training Aircraft, the distinguished Boeing Stearman.

What makes us unique?

Your flight time is literally “flight time” from lift off to touch down rather than “chock-to-chock”.

What does this mean?

You are not paying for the time spent manoeuvring on the ground before take-off and after landing. The time you pay for is entirely in the air.

What will you experience?

After a friendly reception, we will kit you out with a leather flying jacket, helmet and goggles and provide a thorough safety briefing before walking you out to the aircraft for a fantastic photo opportunity with family and friends.

A fully qualified flying instructor will explain the controls so you can have the opportunity to actually fly the aircraft and complete that amazing hands on experience.

Then imagine the thoughts of the very young Pilots, who were training for war as you climb aboard, strap in and soak up the essence of this classic Warbird. Hear and smell her powerful radial engine fire into action before you lift off and experience the thrill and the freedom of flying in an open cockpit, thankfully in the now peaceful skies over Oxfordshire.

At the end of your flight, you will be presented with a certificate signed by the Pilot to commemorate your flight. You will also have the opportunity to purchase a movie of your flight so you can share that fabulous memory with all your friends and family.

We are also proud to celebrate the men, women and flying machines from all services and nations who have defended our freedom across the globe since the dawn of flight.

Gareth Bliss

Director & Flying Instructor

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Boeing Stearman

30 min
  • Warwick Castle
  • -
  • -

Warwick Castle, situated on a bend of the River Avon dates back to 1068 and the reign of William the Conqueror.

Boeing Stearman

45 min
  • Warwick Castle
  • Blenheim Palace
  • -

Blenheim Palace, situated close to Oxford dates back to 1705 and is also the birth place and ancestral home of Sir Winston Churchill.

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Boeing Stearman

60 min
  • Warwick Castle
  • Blenheim Palace
  • Bliss Mill

Bliss Mill, situated on the edge of Chipping Norton dates back to 1872 and is a wonderful example of Victorian Industrial Architecture.